Emergency PC Repairs /Online

"FULL TIME help with all your PC & Network needs!"


Virus Spyware & Trojan Removal.

Improve your computer speed.

Home networking. Wired or Wireless setup.

Internet & Email Issues.

Crashed computer. Blue screen / won't turn on.

Hardware repairs & upgrades.

Software installations. Operating systems, adobe pdf reader, flash player, java, list goes on and on.

Advanced data recoveries, backups, migrate data.

All Laptop hardware, repairs, screens and upgrades.

Website and Webpage building. As you see here.

I will build you a gaming computer or laptop.

Business consulting for networking, repairs, remote cleanup, software installs, all your needs.

Linux OS installs / dual boot.

Server hardware, repairs, upgrades.

Remote computer, laptop, server updates.

Server and Active Directory Consulting

Backup services, printer installations, print servers, for home or business.