Emergency PC Repairs /Online

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Cell 320-250-9421


Free diagnostics inspection.

We discuss any work or time is billable to our customers by phone.

We also provide pick up service for your computer, laptop, server, and devices.

We suggest what is needed for the work being done.

Negotiate the time and completed price of job.

$80.00 per hour + parts

No time billable past 3 hours unless under special circumstances. Always discussed approved by customer first.

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                    ON-LINE REMOTE REPAIRS


Local or Nationwide Support Remotely

Must have internet access to remote into your computer, laptop, or server.

$80.00 per hour

One hour minimum billable time even if it takes 10 minutes to fix.

No time billable past 3 hours no matter how long it takes to fix the problem unless under special circumstances. Always discussed and approved by customer first.


  • Download and install Ultra Viewer FREE.
  • Call or contact us for online remote repairs.
  • You have to have a internet connection.
  • We will explain on phone how to do it.
  • You will give us the support number and password.
  • You can watch us go to work on your screen.
  • Support & talk you through a problem on the phone. 


What is your guarantee?

 All work performed by our company is fully guaranteed. If we are unable to resolve the issue there will be no charge. Engaging in our services is 100% risk free. Once the repair has been completed successfully, any problem that may come back within 10 days will be repaired for free or refunded if we are unable to correct the problem. We also offer optional unlimited technical support services.

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Keep America Green!

We Recycle. Call for info and details to discuss if we can take for disposal. All data is destroyed! Guaranteed! Call Today.